Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener and Honing Rod

Work Sharp Culinary
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3 Year Warranty (Abrasives Not Included)


3 Year Warranty (Abrasives Not Included)


The Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener uses controlled speeds, timed cycles, and professional sharpening belts to sharpen knives quickly and easily, with professional results. Simply touch the button to select between three programs -- shape, sharpen, and refine -- and the E5 adjusts the time and speed of the sharpening cycle. It turns off automatically when sharpening is complete. The E5 comes with sharpening guides to create a 17-degree edge angle.

Separate from the three automated programs, use the MicroForge port to create micro-facets along the cutting edge of your knife. The combination of straight and faceted edges can improve cutting performance and help keep your blade sharp.

The 8-inch ceramic honing rod will help keep your knives sharp in between uses of the E5. The honing rod features built-in angle guides to ensure you maintain the edge angle obtained when shaping and sharpening.

The E5 comes with a Red P120 Medium belt installed, plus two additional replacement belts stored inside. Once all three belts have reached the end of their life cycles, use the Replacement Belt Kit. To increase the functionality of your E5 to include sharpening 15-degree and 20-degree knives, use the E5 Upgrade Kit and Master Belt Kit.

  • What's in the box: E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener with 17-degree sharpening guides, 8-inch ceramic honing rod, and three Red P120 Medium sharpening belts
  • Three programs -- shape, sharpen, and refine -- automatically adjust sharpening speed and time
  • Sharpening guides create a 17-degree edge angle
  • MicroForge port creates a micro-faceted edge for improved cutting performance and edge durability
  • Red P120 Medium belt comes pre-installed, plus two replacement belts
  • 8-inch ceramic honing rod helps maintain knife edge between sharpenings
  • Compatible with E5 Upgrade Kit

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