Ferrum Estate 3-Piece Kitchen Set

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Begin your cutlery collection or add to it with this 3-Piece Kitchen Set from the Ferrum Estate collection. It includes the Ferrum Estate Paring Knife, Dual Edge Utility Knife, and Chef's Knife in a handmade wooden case. The paring knife is an essential tool to handle smaller cutting tasks, such as peeling, coring, and pitting. The blade tapers to a sharp, pointed tip. The utility knife has both a fine edge to slice soft vegetables and fruits, and a serrated edge to pierce tougher exteriors. The chef's knife is an all-purpose knife that can mince herbs, dice vegetables, and slice through thick rinds and large cuts of meat.

The blades are forged from powdered metal for greater density and purity, with 61 Rockwell hardness for exceptional edge retention. The finished blades are hand-sharpened to a 16-degree cutting angle, with a convex "apple seed" edge. Because of Ferrum's unique manufacturing process, the blades are less brittle and easier to sharpen than others of comparable hardness.

The handles are made from scraps of Pacific maple wood left over from furniture production. The egg-shaped handle profiles offer a comfortable grip and greater control while cutting.

  • What's in the box: Ferrum Estate paring knife, dual edge utility knife, chef's knife, and handmade wooden storage box
  • Blades forged from powdered metal for greater density and purity
  • Hand-sharpened 16-degree cutting angle and convex "apple seed" edge
  • 61 Rockwell hardness for exceptional edge retention
  • Reclaimed Pacific maple handles, with an egg shape for comfortable grip and greater control
  • Hand wash and dry immediately after use
  • Made in USA

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