Global NI Bread Knife

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The Global NI bread knife is serrated to easily slice through thick bread crust and heavy melon rind without crushing the soft interior of foods.

The thicker, heavier blade is made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, with a longer handle to perfectly balance the increased weight. The blade is ice tempered and hardened for superior edge retention, with a convex edge that stays sharper longer. CROMOVA 18 stainless steel is proprietary to Global. It includes a higher percentage of carbon than Western knives for greater strength and durability. It also includes a higher percentage of chromium than Western knives for greater stain resistance. Vanadium offers durability and wear resistance, and molybdenum offers hardness and corrosion resistance. The rounded spine ensures comfort while using a professional pinch grip. The sleek, ergonomic handle is balanced for comfort, and features Global's signature dimples.

NI means "two" in Japanese, and this line is the newest Global knife collection. Each knife offers the same qualities as Global Classic, but with an innovative design for ultimate strength.

  • 9.25-inch CROMOVA 18 stainless steel blade
  • Ice tempered and hardened for strength and durability
  • Convex edge stays sharper longer
  • Thicker, heavier blade and longer handle
  • Ergonomic, stainless steel handle filled with sand for perfect weight and balance
  • Rounded spine for ease of pinch grip
  • Hand wash and dry immediately after use
  • Made in Japan

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