Shun Blue Collection

Shun cutlery is known for its outstanding quality and distinctive look. The Shun Blue collection of classic Japanese culinary knives was designed to meet the demands of professional chefs.

The Shun Blue collection features san mai blade construction. A carbon-steel core is surrounded by mirror-polished stainless steel on both sides of the blade. The razor-sharp carbon-steel edge is hand-sharpened to a 16-degree cutting angle.

"Blue" refers to the grade of fine-grained carbon steel used to make Shun Blue cutlery. Carbon steel stays sharper longer, and can easily be re-sharpened. However, it requires additional care to prevent rust. The layers of stainless steel on both sides of the carbon-steel core offer easier maintenance of the rest of the blade’s surface.

Shun Blue knife handles are made from grey PakkaWood, featuring a traditional Japanese design. Resin is added to genuine hardwood to create moisture-resistant, strong, and durable PakkaWood.

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