About Us

Welcome to Chef's Corner Store! We're glad you're here.

Like many companies, our journey began in our garage. We started selling online in 2004 and soon took our love of cooking and spending time in the kitchen to start Chef's Corner Store offering premium brands. To this day, we continue searching for unique and quality solutions we can offer our customers.

Our business grew so much and so fast, we soon moved out of the garage and into a warehouse while opening our retail store in Southern California. In our store, we enjoyed helping our customers choose cutlery, decide on cookware, and shop for gifts, all while providing great products and emphasizing superior service. As much as we loved our store and the customers we served, the mountains of Colorado were calling. In 2011, we packed up our business, and moved our family of five to the Denver area.

We've been living, working, and cooking here in Colorado since 2011. We serve our customers across the country from our warehouse and offer a showroom where local customers can shop. 

We believe in offering that personal touch to create trust, right here on our website. That's also why our knowledgeable team answers the phone when you call; no auto responders and no call centers.

We've learned a lot about cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and other kitchen essentials over the years. We've made it our mission to understand the products we sell, so we can help you decide what will best suit your needs. Have a question? Give us a call. We strive to provide consistently superior customer service, which starts with our thoughtful product selection. We’re also determined to ensure your purchases reach you quickly and in the condition you expect. Otherwise, we’ll make it right. We do all of this because we want our customers to enjoy spending time in the kitchen as much as we do.

Nancy and Darren