Shun knives are known for their outstanding quality and distinctive look. The Shun Dual Core collection features layered Damascus created from two premium-quality stainless steels. Each knife in the Shun Dual Core collection boasts all of the essential features that make Shun a top choice of professional chefs.

The Damascus blade is made from 71 alternating layers of high carbon, high chromium VG10 and VG2 stainless steels. The herringbone pattern is formed as the blade is hot forged, then hand-sharpened to a 16-degree cutting angle. Etched laminations in the blade reduce drag and release food from the blade as you cut. The combination of VG10 and VG2 stainless steels results in a blade that is thin, light, and strong. As the alternating layers wear at different rates, they create micro-serrations along the cutting edge. These micro-serrations allow the knife to feel sharp longer and extend the time between sharpenings.

The ebony PakkaWood handle features a traditional Japanese octagonal shape. Resin is added to genuine hardwood to create moisture-resistant, strong, and durable PakkaWood. A traditional Japanese wooden sheath is also included for protective storage.