Add Kitsch to Your Kitchen

Add Kitsch to Your Kitchen

Posted by Amy on Jan 10th 2024

Usually when the latest and greatest “kitchen trend” is announced, we pause briefly, shake our heads, and go about our day. But when Pinterest Predicts listed Kitschy Kitchens in their 2024 Trend Forecast, we grabbed our heart-shaped sunglasses, waved to the lawn flamingos, and headed to the nearest thrift store to do a little “research.”

Even as purveyors of some of the best quality kitchen gear around, there is a special spot in our hearts for kitsch. Kitsch used to be considered low-brow and tasteless, but those days are behind us. Whether you’re looking for just a touch of kitsch, or you’re ready for your kitchen to look like an Andy Warhol/Roy Lichtenstein collab, we’re here to assist!

Where to Begin

Perhaps a total retro groovy kitchen makeover à la The Brady Bunch is out of the question for your tastes or your wallet, but there are still plenty of ways to add kitsch with ease and on a small scale.

Change out the knob on your favorite cast iron Dutch oven. We recommend Le Creuset’s iridescent knob or one of Staub’s many animal knobs. For a bigger statement, try one of the shaped Dutch ovens from Le Creuset or Staub. A variety of pumpkins, tomatoes, artichokes and hearts add a pop of kitschy character to your stovetop while offering the functionality of our favorite must-have cookware piece.

For bright pops of luscious candy color, we recommend the vibrant hues of Fiesta for your dinner table, Fortessa’s Jupiter double old fashioned and iced beverage glasses for your bar cart, and SMEG’s small appliances for your countertops. SMEG’s Dolce&Gabbana line is wildly impactful, if your wallet can take the hit.

Where to Shop

We love a thrift store excursion! Take a day to check out your local thrift and antique stores. During the summer, add flea markets and garage sales to your list of places to visit. If you’re open-minded and flexible about what you’re looking for, you can find some really great deals.

If you have some specific styles or colors in mind, you may need to turn to the internet. We recommend Etsy and Replacements Ltd for your favorite vintage and reproduction kitchen lines and pieces. Note that pricing will fluctuate as trends rise and fall. For example, vintage patterned Pyrex is having a moment; their Cinderella mixing bowls, once easy to find for under $10 at Goodwill, are now sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

As kitsch is so popular at the moment, you can find several items suitable for your collection at major retailers. Bordallo Pinheiro has revived cabbage ware, once rocketed to fame by Dodie Thayer in the 1960s, for a veggie kitsch theme. Mason Cash’s In the Forest line pairs nicely with elaborately-shaped vintage salt and pepper shakers for animal kitsch.

If there isn’t space on your plate (pun intended) for a major kitchen remodel, we love Food & Wine’s suggestion of peel-and-stick tiles and wall paper. You can get a fabulous punch of color without the commitment of a full renovation (and its accompanying punch to your wallet).

House Digest has 13 ways to bring a little, or a lot, of kitsch to your kitchen. With ways to update everything from your appliances to your cabinets, there’s something sure to please your kitschy heart.

Remember: The important part of decorating with kitsch is to add whimsical, quirky, bold or offbeat pieces to your kitchen that make you smile every time you’re in it. Have you done something to kitsch up your kitchen? We’d love to see it.