Eat Seasonally in December: Brussels Sprouts

Eat Seasonally in December: Brussels Sprouts

Posted by Julie on Dec 5th 2016

Brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rap over the years. We'll admit they can be pretty unappetizing when boiled on the stovetop, but the same is true for nearly all vegetables. But if you prepare them well, sprouts can be so delicious, your childhood self won't even recognize them.

There's no time like the present to check out these recipes for Brussels sprouts and give this maligned vegetable another chance. We bet they'll pleasantly surprise you.

Brussels Sprouts: As an Appetizer

Neither spinach nor artichokes have a great reputation either, and yet people adore spinach artichoke dip. One easy, cheesy way to try Brussels sprouts is in this dip from Baked In. Serve it to someone who claims to hate sprouts, along with tortilla chips or pita bread. Just break the news gently when they ask for the recipe.

You'll need a cast iron or oven-safe skillet for this recipe. Check out our  wide selection of skillets and fry pans in a variety of sizes.

Brussels Sprouts: As a Side Dish

Instead of boiling them on the stovetop, try roasting Brussels sprouts in the oven. But don't stop there;  this recipe on Kevin Is Cooking calls for tossing the roasted sprouts with balsamic vinegar and honey. Not only have they caramelized in the oven, now they're coated in tangy sweetness. These aren't your mama's sprouts, but we bet she'd like them anyway.

Take Kevin's advice and use a silicone baking mat on your baking sheet when you roast the sprouts. It makes cleanup so much easier.

Roast Brussels sprouts in the oven with balsamic vinegar and honey

Brussels Sprouts: As a Pizza Topping

Brussels sprouts really will make your pizza even better if you try this recipe from Food and Style. We dare you to read that recipe and turn up your nose. Between the burrata, pine nuts and parmesan, you might not even notice the sprouts. Forget sausage and pepperoni; Brussels sprouts might be the new go-to pizza topping.

Brussels Sprouts: As the Star of the Main Dish

We've raved about this recipe from Table for Two before in our fall post on Meals for Kids, and we have to include it here too. One of our kids requests it every week, and each time we make it, there are no leftovers. You'll want to double the recipe, trust us. This is a main dish recipe where a nonstick skillet works best. Try one from Swiss Diamond.

Brussels Sprouts: As a Dessert

Just kidding. We're not going to suggest Brussels sprouts for dessert, because that would be weird. It was fine for butternut squash, but we think sprouts belong in the savory camp.

(Brussels sprout dessert recipes do exist though, in case you're into that sort of thing. Go ahead and click.)