Breville Sous Chef 16-Cup Food Processor

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The Sous Chef from Breville is a multipurpose food processor for slicing, chopping, mixing, shredding, and pureeing. Use the various attachments with the 2.5-cup or 16-cup processing bowls to chop and slice vegetables, shred cheese, knead dough, and puree nut butter.

Use the micro-serrated S-blade and mini processing blade for chopping vegetables and herbs, mixing cake batter and cookie dough, and pureeing nut butter and baby food. Use the dough blade for mixing and kneading yeast doughs.

The adjustable slicing disc has precise settings for thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 8.0mm. Use the reversible shredding disc to make coarse or fine grated cheese and shredded vegetables such as cabbage and carrots. Use the julienne disc to create thin, matchstick vegetables such as zucchini and celery. Use the french fry disc to make thicker vegetable sticks using potatoes or sweet potatoes. Use the emulsifying disc to beat eggs and whip cream.

The feed chute has three size options to accommodate a variety of foods: 1.5 inches, 2.75 inches, and 5 inches.

Store components in a nested arrangement with the lid unlocked. Hand washing is recommended for all removable parts. Wipe the motor base clean.

  • Multipurpose food processor for slicing, chopping, mixing, shredding, and pureeing
  • Attachments include S-blade, dough blade, mini processing blade, adjustable slicer, reversible shredding disc, emulsifying disc, julienne disc, and french fry disc.
  • Micro-serrated S-blade for fast, even chopping, dicing, and pureeing
  • Adjustable slicer creates slices 0.3mm-8.0mm thick
  • Reversible shredder for coarse or fine texture
  • Pulse setting for bursts of speed
  • Feed chute safety system prevents operation when bowl, lid, and large food pusher are not locked in position
  • Safety brake system stops S-blade rotation if lid is opened when power is on
  • Three feed chute options: 1.5-inch, 2.75-inch, and 5-inch
  • 2.5-cup and 16-cup processing bowls
  • Wipe clean motor base; hand wash recommended for all removable parts
  • 18 x 11 x 8 inches