Kikuichi Kasumitogi Yanagi Knife

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The Kikuichi Kasumitogi Yanagi Knife is designed especially for preparing sushi and sashimi, and slicing raw fish and seafood. The long narrow blade is a single bevel, angled on one side and flat on the other for more precise cutting.

Kikuichi bladesmithing began in the 13th century, creating Samurai swords for the Japanese emperor. Kikuichi has been making kitchen cutlery for 150 years, with the royal symbol of the chrysanthemum on all blades. The Kasumitogi series from Kikuichi is easier to sharpen, with a more forgiving edge. Two types of steel are hand-forged to create this knife blade. The edge features white #3 carbon steel, which is harder than the soft carbon steel used for the spine. The blade is sharpened to 57-60 Rockwell hardness for excellent edge retention, and hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo. The D-shaped wa handle is made from Japanese Magnolia, with a water buffalo horn ferrule.

  • 9.5-inch blade
  • White #3 carbon steel edge and soft carbon steel spine
  • 57-60 Rockwell hardness for excellent edge retention
  • D-shaped wa handle made from Japanese Magnolia and water buffalo horn ferrule
  • Hand wash and dry immediately after use
  • Made in Japan

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