SMEG Dolce&Gabbana Slow Juicer

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The SMEG Slow Juicer uses Slow Squeezing Technology to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. Feed ingredients into the hopper with the included pusher. Choose between the coarse strainer and fine strainer depending on the type of ingredients being juiced. Adjust the juice density regulation lever depending on the type of ingredients being juiced and juicing progress. Use the reverse function if the auger stops rotating during use. Pulp collects in a 54-ounce container, while juice collects in a 32-ounce container. All removable parts should be hand washed immediately after use.

SMEG is an Italian-based company focused on combining technology and style. They joined creative forces with renowned fashion designer Dolce&Gabbana to create the Sicily Is My Love project. This brightly colored slow juicer is adorned in the style of Sicilian terracotta vases. More than a mere small appliance, this slow juicer is a conversation piece and fine art for your kitchen.

  • Exclusive design collaboration between SMEG and Dolce&Gabbana
  • Slow Squeezing Technology for juicing fruit and vegetables
  • Coarse and fine strainers for juicing various ingredients
  • Juice density regulation lever for adjusting juicing action based on ingredients and juicing progress
  • 32-ounce juice container
  • 54-ounce pulp container
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 10.5 x 6.75 x 16.25 inches