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Jura Z10 Automatic Coffee Center

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$3,899.00 - $3,999.00






The Jura Z10 Automatic Coffee Center features the new Product Recognizing Grinder, an electronically-controlled grinder that automatically adjusts the grind based on the chosen coffee specialty. This newly-developed grind technology helps ensure the optimum grind for each specialty, with a broad spectrum of grind consistencies from fine to coarse. The Jura Z10 also features the Cold Extraction Process for authentic cold brew specialties, using cold water, a coarse grind, and high pressure pulsing. 

The Pulse Extraction Process optimizes the extraction time for every cup by varying the water amount and pulse frequency based on the coffee specialty being prepared. The full color TFT display guides you through the preparation process for 32 different programmable coffee specialties, as well as 10 levels of coffee intensity and 10 levels of milk temperature. Use the Professional Fine Foam Frother G2 to foam milk.

To keep every coffee tasting as good as the first, the Z10 performs routine maintenance such as rinsing, cleaning and descaling at the touch of a button. The milk system also features a one-touch cleaning cycle. The CLEARYL Smart water filter removes impurities and retains minerals to ensure coffee has the best possible flavor, while filtering exactly the amount of water needed for coffee preparation and protecting the E8 from limescale. Filter status is automatically detected using RFID.

The Jura Z10 fully automates the coffee making process and takes it wireless with the Jura Coffee App. Download the app to your Android or iOS device to program and name your favorite specialty drinks. Take your coffee preferences anywhere and brew directly from the app.

  • Built-in Product Recognizing Grinder ensures optimum grind for each specialty
  • Cold Extraction Process brews authentic cold brew specialties
  • Compatible with the Jura Coffee App for Android and iOS
  • Fully automated preparation, guided by TFT display
  • 15 bar pump and Pulse Extraction Process ensure optimal extraction time
  • 32 different programmable coffee specialties, including cold brew espresso, latte, and macchiato
  • 10 levels of coffee intensity and 10 levels of milk temperature
  • 3 levels of coffee temperature and 3 levels of hot water temperature
  • Built-in 10 ounce bean container
  • 80 ounce water tank
  • One-touch cleaning cycle for milk system
  • 12.6 x 15 x 17.7 inches
  • Made in Switzerland