Miyabi Koh 10-Piece Knife Block Set

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Begin your cutlery collection with the essentials in the Miyabi Koh 10-Piece Knife Block Set. This magnetic easel block comes with the Miyabi Koh 3.5-inch Paring Knife, 5.5-inch Prep Knife, 7-inch Santoku Knife, 6- and 8-inch Chef's Knives, 9-inch Bread Knife, 9.5-inch Slicing Knife, Kitchen Shears, and Sharpening Steel.

The paring knife is an essential tool to handle smaller cutting tasks, such as peeling, coring, and pitting. The prep knife can be used in hand or with a cutting board for a variety of prep tasks. The Santoku knife slices, dices, and minces, with a thinner blade than a chef's knife. The chef's knives are all-purpose knives that can mince herbs, dice vegetables, and slice through thick rinds and large cuts of meat. The bread knife slices through crust without compressing the loaf. The slicing knife is ideal for carving both thick and thin slices of meat or poultry. The sharpening steel realigns knife blades between sharpenings. Use the shears to snip herbs and cut food packaging. The magnetic easel block stores cutlery safely and beautifully within easy reach.

The Miyabi Koh collection merges Japanese tradition with German engineering. The blade is made from fine carbide FC61 steel with an embossed Miyabi logo. The FRIODURx2 blade is ice-hardened for durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The finished blade features a hand-honed edge and 61 Rockwell hardness for exceptional edge retention. The octagonal Pakkawood handle features a silver mosaic pin and offers a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Each Miyabi knife undergoes a Honbazuke three-step honing process for exceptional sharpness. Made in Japan.

  • What's in the box: 3.5-inch paring knife, 5.5-inch prep knife, 7-inch Santoku knife, 6- and 8-inch chef's knives, 9-inch bread knife, 9.5-inch slicing knife, 9-inch honing steel, shears, and magnetic easel block
  • FC61 fine carbide steel blade
  • Ice-hardened FRIODURx2 blade for durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistance
  • Hand-honed edge with 61 Rockwell hardness for exceptional edge retention
  • Octagonal Pakkawood handle
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Japan